hundredmillionthousand (HMT) is the moniker of genre-defying electronic artist, Noel Jon. HMT is of Persian-Filipino descent and based from Edmonton, Canada. His music spans film composition, sound installation, contemporary dance score, while delving into a variety of styles of electronic composition. HMT's philosophy as an artist revolves around experimental futurism and abstraction in both music and visuals. HMT’s musical palette is latitudinous in nature, but also retains a sense of stylistic unity. At moments his sound is cinematically dark and menacing with a tinge of ethereality and suspense, conjuring emotionally intense feelings. At other times, HMT is playful, drawing on his background in percussion to explore abstract beat-driven passages with intricate transitions and hypnotizing melodies.

In April 2017, HMT released his debut project lp1 on vinyl and digital. The album was conceptualized as a sonic mood journal documenting HMT’s dealings with mental health through his university career. Musically, lp1 hybridized dark electronic music with Persian Folk samples, an homage to his Iranian Heritage. The independent debut found critical acclaim from the Huffington Post, Earmilk, Paste, the 405, and more, earning HMT’s first appearance on AlbumOftheYear. lp1 was deemed “Shocking that this is HMT’s first project” and “a stand out record of the year”. Simultaneously, HMT was called the “one to watch out for as the breakout artist of the summer” and “an extraordinary songwriter” by the Huffington Post.

Following the unexpected success of the debut release, HMT toured the US and performed lp1 contextualized with a visual narration of 'Gordafarid', a suppressed female storyteller in Iran.

In July 2019, HMT will release his second concept album, lp2. The project is premised on the intersection of technology and dating, recreating feelings of the bleak reality of courtship and intimacy in the digital era. HMT will be going on an ambisonic audio-visual tour in Canada, United states, and Mexico proceeding the release.

"lp1 is excellent... Noel Jon is an extraordinary songwriter."

-the Huffington Post

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"A stand out record of the year, the album is like no other you will hear."

- Paste Magazine

"HMT is one to watch out for as the breakout artist of the summer."

- Ellenwood EP

"Shocking that this is HMT's first project"


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HMT's 2019 live performance (360°+A/V), features an immersive visual and surround sound experience. New music will be performed in an ambisonic array with 4 speakers combined with 3D art visuals.

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