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“Attention Span” digitizes human intimacy into a warped commodity, ready for consumption. Sounds in the album were obtained via consensual field recordings of couples, who met on online dating platforms, having sexual moments. These recordings were processed into samples and pads, then harmonized with cello, double bass, voice, and choir chants. This sonic dehumanization mirrors the state of modern courtship in the digital era, painting a bleak picture of contemporary relationships that have been subsumed into a culture of consumption and disposability, reduced to short-term iterations drained of real, meaningful human connection.

"Fitting between the likes of Olafur Arnalds, Jon Hopkins with a splash of Lapalux."

- Simon Lucas-Hughes

"Designing an artistry that has stretched across the globe hundredmillionthousand has established himself as an act who can engage and intrigue anyone listening.

- Malvika Padin

HMT is the moniker of Noel Fanaeian, a Canadian composer of Persian-Filipino descent. He is known for highly compositional experimental electronic and neoclassical--hybridizing sound design with voice, cello, and concert bass. At any moment, his sound can be dark and suspenseful; ethereal and emotional; or playful and danceable. However, even with such wide breadth, his music retains a strong stylistic unity. In recent years, Fanaeian has studied under Laurel Halo, supported Loscil, and toured North America and Europe. His aesthetic combines sound installation, film composition, and contemporary dance score. 

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