When you listen to the music of hundredmillionthousand (HMT), hallowed grounds like Mutek and MoMA PS1 may come to mind before any nightclub would. HMT is the moniker of Noel Fanaeian, a Canadian artist of Persian-Filipino descent who is known for his immersive quadraphonic live performances. His aesthetic combines sound installation, film composition, and contemporary dance score, while delving into various styles of electronic music. At any moment, his sound can be dark and suspenseful; ethereal and emotional; or playful and danceable. However, even with such wide breath, his music retains a strong stylistic unity.

Live Performance

***HMT performs in quadraphonic,

but can also perform in standard L R stereo***

New Album

'Attention Span'

release date: September 15, 2022


      HMT's sophomore album digitizes human intimacy into a warped commodity, ready for consumption. Sounds in the album were obtained via consensual field recordings of partners, who met on online dating platforms, having sexual moments. HMT iterated these samples at high speeds and harmonized them with operatic stylings, noise, choir chants, and string arrangements. This sonic dehumanization mirrors the state of modern courtship in the digital era, painting a bleak picture of contemporary relationships that have been subsumed into a culture of consumption and reduced to short term iterations drained of real meaningful human connection.

unreleased album link

Critical Acclaim

"lp1 is excellent... Noel Fanaeian is an extraordinary songwriter."

-the Huffington Post

"HMT is one to watch out for as the breakout artist of the summer."

- Ellenwood EP

Unreleased Visuals